When Are Mommy Relievers Available?

Our day shifts can provide parents time to catch up on the sleep they missed last night, to design and send birth announcements for the newest little one or to get on line to order some groceries.   We often assist moms and dads who cannot really take a maternity or paternity leave, but can work from home for a few months.  The mother is at home and working and we are there to assist with the baby or older children.

Once the baby is older and parents are getting beyond sleep deprivation, many of our families continue to have us assist during the day for appointments, errands or a break!


Our night shifts begin typically at 10 pm and end at 6 am giving moms and dads a full night sleep. Your baby will be carefully watched, fed (bottle or brought to you for breast feeding) burped and rocked back to sleep during those first 6-10 weeks where they are just figuring out that nights are for sleeping and days are for playing.

  • If you are breastfeeding and this service appeals to you but you are not sure how you can use it, rest assured that many folks who use our service are breast feeding.  You can sleep and our assistant will wake you to feed the baby and then come back in about 20 minutes or so to put the baby back to bed.   You can also pump milk so that your mommy reliever can feed the baby without having to wake you.  If you choose to pump talk to you doctor about when to pump so your can ensure your milk supply is well established.


Date Night
There is always advice given to married couples that every week should include a date night.  That is all well and good until it comes time to find a baby sitter!  Now your problem is solved.  We can help you get a sitter any night of the week, weekends included!   Make sure all the dads out there have our number so moms don’t feel like they always have to schedule the babysitter! (Hint to Dads: not having to schedule the babysitter is almost as good as the date!)



  1. Our day shifts are a minimum of 4 consecutive hours a day.  The day shift rates apply during the hours are from 6am to 10 pm.  Later hours qualify as night shift hours
  2. Night shifts are typically from 10 pm to 6 am.  There is an 8 hour minimum and there is some flexibility on the timeframe.


A doula can provide another level of infant care and newborn advice and training.  Our doulas not only assist you with your new little one, they give you information on breast feeding, lactation, recovery from birth, and baby development.



Are you expecting or do you have twins, triplets or more?  We can help!  We can provide a night nurse (we call our night nurses, night nannies since they are not actual RNs or LPNs) or day help—whatever you need.  We have been there for many clients as an extra set of hands during the day, or at night when that much needed sleep is necessary to function the next day.  It is a very tough time, and we’d love to help make it easier for you.  See Who Will be Your Mommy Reliever for more information about our employees.  Rest assured  that those night nurses, or night nannies who work with multiples have experience working with multiples or in a setting with babies of the same age.


When you are looking to hire a full-time, part-time or summer nanny, we can find you an amazing employee.  We have a huge network of wonderful childcare providers.  Through them, and many other resources, we can find you a fantastic caring, responsible and organized nanny to care for your children.  You tell us exactly what you need from an employee both logistically and personality-wise, and then let Mommy Relief take care of finding the right person for your family.