Pinterest has become my new obsession.  The site allows you to get rid of those folders labeled “baby memory ideas”,  “house remodel ideas” or “things I want to make.”  Pinterest will let you take any picture you see on the internet and save it to your own personal page – sort of like a facebook page.  It also hase tons of ideas that other people has posted (“pinned” is their term) like this adorable idea from!!  It is a frame painted white with a white board behind it for marking those milestones with a picture.

The site allows you to save any picture you want by “pinning” it to your site with a note to yourself about why you picked it.  You can further file it by placing on a specific board that you set up, like “remodel ideas” or “style”.  For instance, if you are online shopping at J. Crew and see a cute dress that would be great for that October wedding you can click the pin button (they help you install it on your favorites bar).  When you click the pin it will open all the pictures from the page that you are looking at and allow you to select the one you’d like to save to your board.  You can then go about shopping without forgetting the dress that you liked.  You don’t have to bookmark the 1,000th site to your bookmarks and then wonder why you bookmarked it.

You can also browse things that were “pinned” by other members for cute ideas.  This is where the time suck and obsession comes in.  There are always funny, cute, stylish and creative ideas here like how to organize the nursery closet.

You can also begin following other people who have similar interests or taste as you so as they find new ideas and do the leg work for you.

Pinterest is a social media site that you can sign up with by using facebook or twitter but you must be invited by a friend first.

If you want to be invited to Pinterest and you don’t know anyone already on Pinterest.  Email us to get an invite.  Enjoy it carefully!!